Code Your Own AI

In this format, we teach your teams how to build their own AI in 2 hours. At the end of this highly rated workshop, participants have a practical understanding of the key concepts in AI. This removes the fear of AI from the participants and they are more likely to employ AI to solve challenges in their workplace.


noun /ˈbreɪk.θruː/

Solved for good


Learn the foundations of AI

Kick start the AI journey for your organization with very strong fundamentals


Overcome the fear of AI

Embrace the transformative power of AI by removing the fear usually associated with it


Add AI to your toolkit

Learn how to solve day-to-day business challenges using AI

Stepping on new land

Introducing organizations to AI

There are several challenges that companies face when trying to implement AI: Technical difficulties, issues with data availability and quality, the need for organizational change management, ethical concerns, and the need to evaluate costs and ROI. Due to these challenges, many organizations don't even start using AI and miss out on the potential benefits.


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AI sessions for your crew

Making AI Accessible

Our aim with Code Your Own AI is to remove the complexity associated with AI so that participants can learn how to build a simple version of neural networks thereby learning how to use AI to solve day-to-day business challenges. Code Your Own AI provides a structured learning environment where participants can explore the fundamentals of neural networks, including data preprocessing, model architecture, and training processes. With our user-friendly tools and step-by-step guidance, even those with no prior coding experience can dive into the world of AI and start developing solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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