The Stats are Clear

Most AI endeavors fail – it’s time to change that

You don’t need expensive investments or a huge team for your very own AI breakthrough. You just need to do it right.

How you can get started today

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AI Lighthouse

Clear Focus

Jointly with your team, we solve a concrete business pain point by developing an AI Minimum Viable Product

Clear Goal

In 12 weeks max we build a product or tool that in 6 months after go-live will generate an ROI of 10x!

Clear Success

Afterwards, your have a lighthouse project that massively accelerates your AI journey by initiating momentum far beyond the MVP

"It's the mindset, stupid!"

In the business world, AI is shrouded with myths that foster resistance and impede innovation. These stubborn misconceptions hinder competitive edge.

Our Best Practices

Stick 100% to the business!

Anchor AI in your business's future to foster growth and customer value. No AI for its own sake!

Co-create it with your teams!

Make sure you design the future together with your people – also AI. Participation is core to guarantee the buy-in needed for AI!

Keep it extremely lean!

Don’t kick off AI too big from the outset. Start with top leaders and lighthouse projects. Scale only if value is validated!

Be surprisingly fast!

Successful AI not only alleviates pain but also push the boundaries of what people think can be achieved. Excite people with speed!

Don’t take it too seriously!

Pick up everyone where they are and make sure this is a fun and exciting ride. AI is and will always be an adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are all special. Why you?

Our data is a mess. What now?

Show, don't tell. What have you achieved?

Igniting Europe to Leverage AI

AI is about to transform everything, and we want to make sure the right people are ahead of the curve.

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