Latest Breakthrough

Igniting AI at TechniSat

With TechniSat, we successfully pioneered a cutting-edge virtual assistant. This assistant is powered by fine-tuned LLMs, leveraging TechniSat's proprietary data to handle even the most intricate customer inquiries in real-time.

Our AI Breakthroughs:



noun /ˈbreɪk.θruː/

The beginning of your very own AI success story to level up your business impact at scale

Our latest AI Breakthroughs

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AI Lighthouse

Clear Focus

Jointly with your team, we solve a concrete business pain point by developing an AI Minimum Viable Product

Clear Goal

In 12 weeks max we build a product or tool that in 6 months after go-live will generate an ROI of 10x!

Clear Success

Afterwards, your have a lighthouse project that massively accelerates your AI journey by initiating momentum far beyond the MVP

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