Advanced Customer Support 24/7

Working with TechniSat, we've created an AI-powered customer service virtual assistant. This tool, leveraging TechniSat's internal data, streamlines customer interactions and improves response accuracy, significantly enhancing service efficiency.


noun /ˈbreɪk.θruː/

Solved for good


Streamlined Information Access

Quickly find answers from multiple sources, eliminating time-consuming manual searches.


Intelligent AI Assistance

ChatGPT based solution provides real-time, accurate, and relevant responses to customer inquiries.


Enhanced Customer Service

Faster, precise answers lead to increased satisfaction and superior support.

A Time-Consuming Task

Navigating Complex Product Information

TechniSat, a leading provider of consumer electronics, faced a challenge in customer service. When customers asked questions, agents had to manually search through numerous product manuals and sources to find answers. This time-consuming process became a significant hindrance to providing efficient support to customers.


conversations handled by the AI-assistant per day


seconds to answer questions

1000 +

PDFs searched before returning an answer

ChatGPT Based Solution

AI-Generated Solutions for Customer Support

By leveraging multiple data sources such as product manuals, historical correspondences and data on the website, we developed a solution that efficiently addresses customer inquiries ranging from product-specific questions to handling complaints and finding the best products for a customers need. With the ChatGPT API, real-time answers are automatically generated without any manual input. This privacy-conform solution reduces costs, increases customer satisfaction, and enables human agents to deliver excellent customer service.

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