Sales support via virtual assistance

Together with elobau, we've developed an AI virtual assistant focused on customer service and sales. Leveraging elobau's internal data, this tool enhances customer interaction and sales efficiency


noun /ˈbreɪk.θruː/

Solved for good


Improved Customer Care Availability

Addressed the limited availability of customer care agents by automating responses to repetitive questions.


Enhanced Support Efficiency

Virtual assistant allows human agents to focus on complex inquiries and provide excellent customer service.


Cost Savings & Higher Satisfaction

Achieved financial savings and higher customer satisfaction with fast, intelligent AI-generated answers.

Limited Agent Availability

Identifying Customer Service Problems

Elobau, a German company specializing in sustainable sensor solutions, operates an online shop called elostore. However, their customer service faces challenges due to limited agent availability and repetitive queries. The aim was to explore the potential for using data, such as client interactions and detailed FAQs, to automate portions of customer service, allowing agents to focus on more complex client inquiries.

1000 +

conversations resolved using the virtual assistant

Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Implementing the AI Solution

Utilizing data provided by elobau, we created an AI model that intelligently answers FAQs and product-specific questions, guiding customers through the product range and helping identify the most suitable solutions. This implementation led to cost savings and improved customer satisfaction with faster, smarter responses. Meanwhile, human agents could focus on providing exceptional customer service for more complicated inquiries.

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