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Solved for good


Faster processing of emails

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Accurate allocation of coupons

Thanks to highly accurate AI, customers were fairly allocated their coupons


Reduced returns from customers

Better allocation of coupons results in lesser number of customers wanting a return

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The struggle in creating a credit note...

BBG is a unicorn D2C, e-commerce unicorn based out of Berlin. They have many well known brands under their belt such as Klarstein, Auna and Blumfeldt, to name a few. Whenever a customer wants a refund for their product for any reason, they contact BBG asking for a refund or a full return. Sometimes it makes logical sense to provide a credit note (aka coupon) with a particular euro value to the customers so that they don't return the product. The decision to provide a coupon or not was taken by a customer service executive at BBG. This process was tedious and cumbersome.

To solve a problem like this historical data on the coupon decisions were collected. Along with this information, information about the order such as when was it ordered, what products are included in the order, information about customer such as how long have they been a customer and their history of purchase were used by the AI algorithm to arrive at the final decision.


€ saved due to avoidance of returns


minutes saved per year


less wrongly created credit notes through AI

What is needed in the end...

A meaningful and sustainable solution...

We built an AI algorithm that takes into account customer and order information and the email exchange between the customer and the service executive at BBG to decide if that particular customer is to be awarded a coupon or not.

This solution was directly integrated into the service tool in use by BBG. Thanks to this deep integration, the customer service executives did not have to learn to use a new tool. The suggestion made by the AI was shown to the customer service agent in their service tool and they were able to seamlessly use that information to make a decision about providing a coupon to a particular customer.

The solution was built in just 3 months and in a co-creative fashion. Executives from BBG and data scientists from One Thousand collaborated closely to build the solution together. And the best part? The BBG executives who participated in this project are no longer afraid of AI and are enthusiastic to solve more business challenges using the power of AI.

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